Saturday, September 10, 2022

Thank you, Bouchercon




In an homage of sorts to Murder is Everywhere coming into being some dozen years back at a Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, our dear founder Leighton Gage suggested that during Bouchercon week (this year held in Minneapolis) attendees could put up their favorite posts from the past—thereby allowing for more productive time spent at the convention hotel’s bar.


None of us has been able to take advantage of that pass-on-posting-perq for nearly three years--what with Covid forcing the cancellation of BCON 2020 (Sacramento) and BCON 2021 (New Orleans).  I’m still not eligible, for sadly I’m not attending this week’s MIE wild times festivities in Stan’s stateside hometown.


I truly love Bouchercon. It’s played a significant role in my writing life, including a five-year stint on its National Board—two as Chair––and given me a distinct appreciation of the power of dedicated volunteers to make things happen.


On this long awaited “we’re back in the game” Bouchercon weekend, to all those Bouchercon Board mates of mine with whom I had the distinct honor of serving, I again offer my sincerest thanks for a truly remarkable and rewarding experience. May all who follow in your footsteps do so with the same grace, dedication, and deep, dark, murder-loving hearts:


Al Abramson

JD Allen

Chris Aldrich

Mike Bursaw

Stacey Cochran

Oline Cogdill

Janet Costello

Steele Curry

Michele Drier

Heather Graham

Kim Hammond

Rae James

Jon Jordan

Ruth Jordan

Ali Karim

Don Longmuir

Dru Ann Love

Dave Magayna

Erin Mitchell

Margory Mogg

Helen Nelson

Connie Perry

Carol Puckett

John Purcell

B.G. Ritts

Janet Rudolph

Mary Jane Sheffett

Stan Ulrich

Ingrid Willis

Teresa Wilson


And a heartfelt special shout out of thanks to our MIE blogmate Susan Spann for the extraordinarily generous donation of her time and prodigious legal talent in service to Bouchercon’s Board and General Membership. 





  1. Dave 'the man' Magayna is chairing this morning. There will be two Scottish voices heckling him. We consider it our duty !

    1. Pittsburghers (yes, there's an "h" at the end of burg in PA the same as in Scotland), so it will be sort of like heckling from family. Go to it!