Monday, September 5, 2022

Free Annamaria

Annamaria on Monday

In a few days, crime writers from all over the world will be gathering in Minneapolis for the first in-person Bouchercon conference in three years.  Hurrah and Hallelujah!  To celebrate the event, the eBook of Invisible Country will be offered free from September 8 through September 10!

The Invisible Country story was inspired by something a friend told me: That Paraguay had once fought a war against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, in which ninety percent of the Paraguay's male population between the ages of 8 and 80 perished.

My book begins like this...

Paraguay 1868

From his pulpit, Padre Gregorio looked out over a sea of lovely spider lace mantillas.  His congregation was almost entirely women.  Only seven males of this village still lived...


I dedicated the book to the memory of my father, a WWII combat Marine in the Pacific, who came back a pacifist and taught me to hate war.  I did my best to tell a war story that would have made sense to my precious dad.

"Alfieri has written an antiwar mystery that compares with the
 notable novels of Charles Todd."
- Kirkus Review

"The author's recreation of Paraguay in the 1860s is perfectly
 entwined with the plot and never comes off like a travelogue or
 historical research. Fans of historical mysteries should
 not pass this one up."

- Mystery Scene Magazine

This coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you
can claim your free digital copy here:

Annamaria at Bouchercon:

Author Speed Dating Breakfast - Saturday, September 10, 7 til 9AM

Panel- Curiouser and Curiouser - Getting the Details Right

            Sunday, September 1, 9 - 9:45AM


  1. The book sounds thoroughly intriguing, Annamaria, and is being justly praised. Hope you have a wonderful time at Bouchercon. I shall miss you all :-/ Zoë

    1. Thank you so much, Zoe. How I wish you were going to be with us. Soon! PLEASE! AA

  2. Replies
    1. I will miss you so much, Michael. Hoping for a bigger and better reunion soon.