Saturday, September 24, 2022

My Granddaugher Gavi's Big Day





Today is the Bat Mitzvah of my granddaughter Gavriella Tovah Siger, and I couldn’t be prouder of her!  She’s an accomplished and celebrated actress, improv comedian, musician, vocalist, and scholar. And tonight her party marking this milestone event is a Rock ‘n Roll celebration featuring her band!


For those of you who many wonder what is a Bat Mitzvah (pronounced Baht Mitts-vah), the simplest explanation is that it’s the coming of age religious ritual for a Jewish girl, as the Bar Mitzvah ritual is for a Jewish boy.  For a girl the age is twelve, and for a boy it’s thirteen. In Gavi’s case, Covid considerations delayed her ceremony for a year and a half.


The history of the Bar Mitzvah actually dates back to a fifth century reference in a religious text to a blessing recited by a father thanking God for freeing him from responsibility for the deeds of his son, based upon his son attaining an age that made him accountable for his own actions.  


How many fathers of all faiths still pray for similar debt relief. :)


The Bat Mitzvah celebration has its roots in 19th century European tradition but did not make its way to the United States until 1922. It now flourishes in many communities as a revered family occasion of great joy.


And that’s precisely what Gavi brings to all blessed to know her…great joy.


As her Zayde (grandfather) this day brings the promise of special joy to me, for perhaps now her parents will think of her as old enough to read her Zayde’s books!


I love you Gavi. We all do. Mazel Tov.



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