Saturday, September 16, 2023

We Made It!



Read my eyes



In the thirteen years I’ve contributed to Murder is Everywhere, I never missed my Saturday slot. I owe that to abject fear that I’ll somehow be turned into a pumpkin should my post not appear at the stroke of midnight each Friday.  This week tested me to my core…or should I say stem. 


After a fantastic Bouchercon week spent in San Diego (documented by many of my mates in their posts), I returned to NYC for my nephew’s wedding (congrats again to Danny and Malina) and a couple of days spent with my son visiting from Houston. On his departure, Barbara and I commenced a rush of appointments in advance of our returning on Thursday to Greece. 


The fact our flights to Athens were cancelled by the carrier late Wednesday night only added to the sturm und drang surrounding our trip and the odds against my making a timely Saturday post. 


Yet, with a bit of grand luck on finding new (and better) flight connections, and the aid of my bride and her camera, I was able to patch together a post with photos to subtly document the stress of the occasion via its effect on the participants.



Will the bus make it to Mykonos before we do?

Passing time with dueling selfies


Photobomber wins, as usual

We made it to Athens!


Now on to Mykonos

Where is everyone at the airport?



I get it, they're all in synagogue praying to welcome the Jewish New Year 5784.


L'Shana Tovah y'all on this first full day of Rosh Hashanah.






  1. May the new year bring you both peace and love, Jeff and Barbara. AA

  2. Glad you made it. And it was great seeing you in San Diego.

    1. Thanks, Dru Ann, and yes it's ALWAYS great seeing you anywhere any time.:) J&B

  3. So, so glad you finally got there, but what a horror show. Hope you can rest and laugh for a week. xx

    1. Thanks, Wendall. We're starting to laugh...:) Jeff