Friday, September 15, 2023

Bouchercon; The Camera Never Lies

 Here's a quick flaneur around the San Diego Bouchercon.... with some of the photographs it was legal for me to print.

The book shop in a quiet moment. There were not many of those.

Annamaria looking in her bag, maybe for something to prod her fellow panellists with.

Oh, this WASN'T the audience for their panel, this was much earlier, waiting.....

The view from our hotel room at night.

Three friends. Coffee. Books. Bouchercon right there.

Signing. T-shirts!

There has to be a caption competition as to what these two are discussing. And if it was legal.

Jeff, trying to hide. 

There was two ladies at Bouchercon....

Stan admitting something. Michael denying it.

The good chatter.

'If I sign this, they'll think I wrote it.'
Most MIE writers' books sold out at Bouchercon.

Stan wanting to know where his coffee went.

Look at the fear..... an intellectual question from the audience!!!

The beginnings of our charity bundle - and how it grew over next 24 hours.
We raised $375.
Did you know David Baldacci matched every dollar raised?
It'll make a huge difference to the two charities involved.

Early morning view

Van Morrison was playing that night.

A wee flower of San Diego

The mood for Sunday at 4 pm


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