Monday, September 11, 2023

In California

Annamaria on Monday

The only proof I have that Stan Trollip and I were
on the same panel

I arrived home on the redeye yesterday morning after a delightful time in San Diego and Los Angeles.  I carried home a bunch of laundry and a list of items for my to-do list and found awaiting me a huge pile of mail and a packed inbox with requests that I had promised to fulfill by today (Sunday).  So here is a mostly visual account of the past week, since the end of Bouchercon.  

MIE regulars will have seen this several times
by now, but I never tire of it. What a gift to be 
greeted by this crew after a somewhat harrowing
arrival.  What a team to belong to!!

Detail of the San Diego train station where
I headed after the conference and where
I expected to spend about 45 minutes.
Due to delays, the train to LA was about
 five hours late.

The reward for patiently waiting - I got to see the 
sunset over the Pacific.  One of my best ever!!

My life-long friend Kate took me to the
 Getty Villa, the whole place is an homage
 to Ancient Greek and Roman culture.

In person, this piece of gold is tiny.
 Smaller than it shows on my computer.

Click on this to make it readable, to find out what the gold 
fragment is.  And to read what it says about
a trip to the underworld.  Beautiful.

The museum it full of gorgeous 
ancient artifacts...

...and is, itself, a replica of an ancient villa.

A recent acquisition: a small ancient horse and rider
from Albania.

A bust of Marcus Aurelia sculpted from
a singe sheet of gold.

Ancient glass never ceases to amaze me. This
lovely relic has been repaired, but it is over
3000 years old, and it survived in this condition. 

We hurtled through the art centuries
when we next visited the Broad Museum.

My favorites were sculptures by an
African artist made from pieces of 
discarded drinks cans.

I wrote down his name and, typically, lost the paper.
I am hoping Stan can identify the artist.

Roy Liechtenstein!

My friend and hostess, Kate. We
have drunk a lot of wine together over
the years, but this was the first time
that I saw her under the table!


  1. Ahh, great photos, Sis, but more importantly the great time we had getting together with our MIE mates...both writers and readers. --Jeff

    1. From AA: Thanks, Bro. It was lovely to see you and Barbara in person after so long.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to miss you in San Diego.

  3. The artist is El Anatsui:

  4. The photos are lovely, thank you very much. Especially the sunset photos and the little afterworld instructions, 'son of earth and starry heavens, but my race is heavenly'. I'm sorry I didn't realise you'd had a harrowing arrival, you were so warm and welcoming. Getting together with MIE people felt like a family reunion--the bond beneath the skin is strong, though we don't meet often enough!

  5. And if you need further proof you and Stan Trollip were on the same panel I should have photos somewhere!