Friday, September 1, 2023

The Bouchercon Song

I've been hearing the oddest statements being made here by blogmates. So I put them in a song, don't worry it doesn't make sense-  it's written in the spirit of that fabulous ditty 'Your red scarf matches your eyes.'  Billy Connolly wrote a C &W tribute song called My Granny Was A Cripple In Nashville, Folks.

This song is a bit like that. But much worse.

I might record it when I get home, so you can experience the full horror. It does have a tune...

The Bouchercon Song


There’s a rabid raccoon in Jeff’s barn

It sank its teeth in his arm

The raccoon was a mauler

So it bit the lawyer,

I do hope it comes to no harm


There ain’t no dead horses in Ghana

That’s what was told me by mama

She heard that was said

By a talking horse called Ed,

On a black and white old TV drama


So Jeff shot the raccoon, not the horse, in the head

He’s up on court now for making it dead,

The next up defendant

Was my old dear deaf aunt

To be fair, that’s the verdict I dread


And wasn’t Stan lucky with Larry?

And a guy whose name was… errrr… Larry

That’s doesn’t rhyme

It would have been sublime

If Larry was Garry, Harry or Barry


But they haven’t wrecked Jeff yet

Just one day, or two more, I’d bet

Jeff got the rabies

Went insane in stages

But how much more mad could he get?


The moral of this tale is widespead

Tomatoes are red, Z sounds like zed

How great is this blog,

In the San Diego fog

Just how fab are we

In this blogging you see

We might spell like Dan Quayle

Sometimes our jokes fail,

We have such creative genius

I guess what I mean is,

We all need to write,

About wronging the rights

Every week, every place

We fill up the space

Not one word to spare

Because murder is here

Murder is there,

Murder is ....EVERY....WHERE!!!!


  1. And there you have it, folks, the next winner of Eurovision!

  2. I think it's safe to say that the world is a better place because of you.

    Not 'cause Caro rhymes with Sparrow
    And Carole fits well with Feral.

    But 'cause Caro makes us laugh
    Much like Geoffrey the Giraffe.

    And she'll find the perfect way
    To get a giggle from Kwei.

    While bringing what smiles she can
    To the calm face of dear Stan.

    All the while not relenting
    In a merciless venting
    Of her deep disapproval,
    Of Jeff's faux marsupial.

    --Jeff of the barnyard relationship.