Saturday, September 30, 2023

How I Spent My Week

Where is this headed?


Caro's blog yesterday recounting the criminal felling of Britain's legendary Sycamore Gap Tree at the hands of an eco-terrorist (my description, not Caro's) riles me big time.  Perhaps that's because I spend so much time traveling around Greece and am amazed at how much of iconic value to western civilization (and beyond) lay at risk to callous acts and a panoply of preternatural psychosis. 

On that bit of alliterative P'ing, I now shall switch gears and point to the beauty that remains in our world if one just bothers to look for it.  Barbara and I are spending a few days with friends on the Aegean Cycladic island of Naxos, a place we've come to love, and which seems to be resisting (somewhat) the propensity of many Greek islands to chase tourist cash at no matter the cost to their citizens' birthright. 

Here's just a token peek at the sort of natural beauty and historical icons the gods have entrusted the Greek people to protect and preserve. May those who care persevere and succeed.



  1. Lovely! Makes one want to visit, but I suppose one should resist that urge!

  2. It doesn’t always take an island. Pilion used to be a place where travel was difficult enough that only adventurous souls who could deal with wrinkled bedsheets, dubious briki made coffee, olive oil overdoses, and clouds of bloodthirsty Mosquitos welcomed by unscreened windows and goats having first right of way made the trek.

    1. I haven't been back to Pelion in 30 years, but I remember its great beauty, magnificent vistas, and abundant fruit trees. From what you're suggesting, RedTina, I sadly think its best remaining in my memory as it once was. :( --Jeff

  3. Jeff, thanks for taking us along to Naxos. Lovely natural setting.