Tuesday, April 24, 2018

little delights Paris style

Let's forget the strikes and les politiques and visit some of the little delights of Paris. There's so many and lots are free, or the price of an apéro or a ticket on the Metro.

Being a flâneur - loosely defined as a walker with no particular destination - is free. It's all about the discoveries one makes à pied.
 Off the beaten track one finds a gate open
Or stumbles into an alley of charm
Or walking here along the Seine in the early morning
Or in the Luxembourg Gardens in the afternoon
For the price of a Metro ticket it's always worth 
taking line #6, one of my favorites, for the view. It zips along above and below and ground - big selling points are the apartment windows you can look in and the view of the Eiffel tower as it trundles over the Seine.
And for the price of an apéro,

sit down here.

or plot your way here
Cara - Tuesday 


  1. Thank you, Cara. You lifted my spirits by taking me with you today!

  2. My photobomber (aka Barbara) is banging me over the head for us to return to Paris. And with this pictorial seduction, I see the writing on the wall, and it's not in Greek.