Monday, April 9, 2018

Baby Elephants: 2003-2018

Annamaria on Monday

Many, many things about Africa draw me back as often as I can be there.  I feel incredibly lucky that I have gone as often as I have.  I never tire of riding around in the wilderness and looking at whatever there is to see.  To me, everything is wonderful.

But nothing is more beautiful to see than the baby animals growing up in the wild.  Of them, my favorite by far are the baby elephants.

Here are some cuties from fifteen years of watching them.  

The ranger who was driving us when we happened upon this little sweetheart
said the baby was less than an hour old.  We sat and watched for a while and ...

...the little own got up and started to walk.  Be still my heart!

After a while the newborn caught up with the waiting herd.
I love the way the herd bunches up to protect the young ones.

Watching baby elephants nurse.  How nice!

New York kids would instantly recognise this as a play date!

Another NYC analogy: Stay close to mommy when you cross the street.

My favorite baby elephant shot EVER!
Here a very brief video so you can see them gamboling.  Still shots don't show the half of how very lovely they are.


  1. Lovely pix, Annamaria! Hm, I wonder what it says about me that I can go all googly-eyed over baby elephants, when the human variety generally fails to stir any maternal instincts?

  2. Thank you, Zoe! Perhaps your different reactions come from the emotionally and logically correct realization that there are too many human being on the planet and not enough elephants.

  3. I love seeing baby elephants doing just about anything.

    When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka, my sister and her family were visiting the country. What was her favorite moment? Feeding a baby elephant (missing an ear due to a tiger attack) with a bottle at an elephant orphanage.

    And then there is the story of Echo, a baby elephant, somehow kidnapped by another herd of elephants. She was adorable, frisky, swinging on her relatives' trunks, running all around.

    Then her mamma and the aunt elephants gathered and ran, trumpeting, to the other herd and got Echo back. Great video.

  4. I love this post, and I love baby elephants!!! Your photos and movies from Africa always make my day.

    1. There more to the little film, Susan, including the littlest guy having trouble getting out of the river once he was in. No fear. He made it with a little help from his family. I would have loved to post the whole scene, but blogger limits the size of the file, so I and to trim it down. :(