Monday, April 30, 2018

Malice Domestic 30

Annamaria on Monday

This year's Malice Domestic was the 30th annual celebration of
traditional mysteries.

It's a conference I can get to by train--my favorite
mode of transportation.
Saturday dawned with appropriately spooky weather.

The hotel coincidently hosted a meeting of doctors at the same time, so there
was medical help--just in case some fictional crime became too real.
My panel: practitioners of international historical crime fiction 
Brenda Blethyn, conference honoree for her role as Vera.

My fellow MWA-NYer--Kellye Garrett, winner,
Agatha for Best First for HOLLYWOOD HOMOCIDE
Happy me, sharing a banquet table with Sujata.  An MIE regular reader
came to tell us how much she enjoyed this blog.  How sweet is that!

Eight marvellous mystery fans signed up to share our table at the awards banquet.
I spied two iconic towers on my way home:

Annamaria's upcoming events:

May 10th
Manuscript deadline -- eeeeeeekk!! 


  1. You looked like you had a ball! Good luck with the deadline.

  2. Caro, I did. I am slaving away at editing. I wish I were better at first drafts. Thank you!!

  3. I suspect there’s a reason why everyone’s always smiling around you, sis.

    1. It's because they see how glad I am to be with them!

  4. I am doin' it, EvKa. Nose to the grindstone. Shoulder to the wheel. It is a little hard to type in the position, though.