Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Describe the House of Representatives

Annamaria on Monday

I am on deadline and at the nail-biting stage.  I cannot force myself to think of anything except my story.  So I offer here a blog I wrote in the past for another Blogger venue.  I originally published it on 6 March 2013.  It was satire then.  I am not sure it still is.

But here I offer my handy tool for speaking or writing about my (or probably any) nation's governmental tool bag:

Let’s have some fun with our wordsmithing.  The situation our country finds itself in may defy description, but we can do our best.  To aid you in your attempts to express your feelings, I have devised a handy tool.  The following three columns will yield the most elegant and descriptive phrases for your discussions of the United States House of Representatives.   Just choose one word from each column.
If you have trouble picking, just think of any three numbers from one to ten.  For instance, my birthday, 3.17 yields “Infuriating farcical gasbags!”  666, the number for Satan yields “Shameful feckless bloodsuckers.”  Today is 4.23 or "Grasping mule-headed twits." You get the idea.

If you think this blog post has nothing to do with international criminal activity, I want some of your medicine.

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  1. Very good list. I'd add, "Mostly millionaires," and "mostly misogynists." Or is that the Senate?

  2. In all likelihood, sis, the dictionary is being substantially revised daily to keep up with the current administration.