Friday, April 13, 2018

ToyTown or Spielzeug Stadt

I have a lovely patient who is about 300 years old. She has always been interested in photography and cameras and when she decided to scale down to an automatic camera, she gave me her wide angle lens, knowing that a) it would fit my camera body and b) that I had no idea what it was for.

Picture Zoe rolling her eyes in horror....

At the moment, we are in a motorhome in a valley outside the great wall of Rothenburg. The wall is very high. The valley is very deep. The internet signal is rubbish. Alan is standing outside in the rain holding his phone up so we can get a tethered signal ( like I know what  that means ).

Basically I forgot it was Friday.
 It's Friday the 13th.

So here's a short flanneur round the city of Rothenburg with a lens  of my camera that I have no idea how to use but I was twirling  more bits than a cheerleader

How many shop windows do you see the Baby Jesus, a Barvarian Farmer  and two nutcrackers all together?

Yes, Rothenburg is famous for little wooden toys and teddy bears.

In a Child Catcher From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kind of a way.

This Ted was blowing bubbles from an upstairs window.
Or contemplating suicide.

The city  has a town hall...

And many buildings like this.

Not only do the Germans carry the economy of the European union....

outside the big Christmas shop

one of many beautiful window decorations
or visual merchandising I think it's really called.

A doctor! 

three Scotsmen!

rather severe looking Barvarian dolls

Cuckoo clocks galore- some were over £10 000.
We didn't buy any.

Country scene

Wedding Scene 

Barvarian bears drinking the beer!

Thought I was in need of chocolate but no, it is a HUGE bear.

All photographs were taken through the shop windows as no photography was allowed inside.

Bye Bye

Auf Wiedersehen!

Caro Ramsay 13 04 2018


  1. Caro, when my daughter was a newborn, i sat in a rocking chair to feed her every morning at 6AM, a time when our local public tv station was running a program called Guttentag. It was meant to teach people to speak German. I remember only two sentences. One is “Das is ein bilt von Rothenburg.” Finally, after very close to fifty years, you have given me a chance to use appropriately what I know of German! Wow!

  2. After all that, I thought for sure you were going to close with, “Arf Wiedersehen.” Now not just Zoe is rolling her eyes.

  3. What fun! I love shop windows - they tell us so much about culture, because the shops supposedly build them in ways that attract the customers. Those dolls did seem to lack a sense of humor though.