Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Visit to the police laboratoire - it's all in the DNA. Not.

Last week in Paris I got ahead of myself. I was so excited after my visit - the second one! - to the Police laboratoire and frustrated that I couldn't upload these photos from the cafe where I'd get WiFi or weefee as the waiter said. Or explain why I can NOW commit crime in Paris!

 While I was on the tour with C. the head biologist and expert trial witness she insisted my visit follow the route of evidence. Which is how the lab works; first the police evidence arrives comme ça.
 Under seals
 Then the scientific technicians do their thing. Which includes striking a pose - did I forget to say they're a lot of fun?
 On the tour where we're heading to the blood analysis lab to pull DNA out of blood samples that arrived in those evidence envelopes above. C. showed me the police report; a headless, armless, male torso had been discovered outside Rouen and their remit is to help identify the torso victim via DNA.

Part of the process to obtain DNA from the blood - this was much more involved than I'm showing. It's an involved process with different labs and super high tech machines whose names I can't pronounce.
 Tools of the trade.

We followed through the whole process on each floor.  C. took my DNA, which will rest in the French database for eighteen months. Why? In case I contaminated anything on my visit to the lab ie involving their work or this headless, armless torso.  When I was de-robing I joked to C. that I needed to be on good behavior and couldn't commit any crime or I'd be a suspect, right?
Au contraire, she said, once I register your DNA 
Your sample exonerates you for eighteen months. She winked. Now you can plan your perfect murder and get away with it legally.
I like how she thinks. Here's an update she sent me on the headless, armless male torso from le Parisien. The lab helped ID him via DNA. The investigation now has four suspects in his murder - all women.

 This is translated from le Parisien sent to me by my new BFF, my scientific contact at the lab. "The girlfriend of the homeless found dead a week earlier and the mother of the latter are among the suspects.
The investigation of the case of the body found dismembered and decapitated Monday, November 4 near Rouen progresses. According to information from France Bleu Normandie, four women were placed in custody Saturday and indicted.
They all knew the 45-year-old homeless man whose body without a head, feet or hands was found wrapped in a tarpaulin and covered with cellophane at Amfreville-la-Mivoie (Seine-Maritime). It is about the companion of the victim, two friends of this companion and the mother of this one.
Two of the indictments were "for murder and damage to the integrity of the body, and two others, for voluntary abstention to prevent a crime or an offense against the integrity of a person" "said Saturday evening in a statement the public prosecutor of Rouen, Pascal Prache.
The circumstances of the murder remain unknown, as is the potential motive of the suspects. It would nevertheless be a "premeditated" act, ensures the local radio.
On Wednesday, legs and arms that may belong to the body discovered were also found in the area of ​​Pont-de-l'Arche, south of Rouen. "It is possible that this is related to the dismembered corpse and beheaded," said a judicial source."
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Yum, what a great pre-breakfast story. :-) Thanks, Cara. You get to visit ALL the cool places.

  2. I was super lucky, EvKa. The stars aligned, a connection came through and it was definitely the highlight!

  3. As if Parisians needed a reason to be nice to you, your DNA get out of jail free card should keep any potential disagreeable sorts in line. Or in pieces.