Friday, November 16, 2018

Brexit Exit

I was going to write an insightful and informative blog about the current state of Brexit. But it's  7.26am and  it will have changed by half past.

To summarise. We have three options

a) Things get worse with the deal on the table
b) Things get much worse with out the deal on the table
c) Things get much worse.

The other thing to note is that Northern Ireland has a land border with the Irish Republic. It's fields and roads and cows and things. People bob about from side to side. No right minded person wants a solid border just as any right minded person would avoid one between here and Englandshire.

The SNP don't realise this and are sticking their oar in, demanding that want Northern Ireland get, we should get.  With lots of head bobbing. 


Unfortunately, a film has just been realised called The Outlaw King, the usual oppressed Scots rising against the nasty oppressive English and while it is about Robert The Bruce, some facts have been altered for dramatic effect. It has as many beguiling untruths as Nigel Farage's Brexit campaign.

But it's being punted around Facebook as the solution to our problems. Answers on a postcard please about that one.

As of right now, 7.31 am. Most people in the UK want to stay in the Union... the European one that is.  The 'Don't want immigrants coming here’ type of voter has realised he will have to queue (like an American?) going through passport control with his duty free fags and that voter has had a rethink.

So Theresa is being challenged by her cabinet resigning and suddenly, we face the realisation of the other Conservatives who could become PM and Mrs May has received a  groundswell of support, She is surrounded by nasty men who are feasting on this awful situation  with little regard to the welfare of the country. Some who are jostling for position will curdle milk by looking at it.


Theresa is getting some support from Josephine Public, she's being seen as a woman trapped by nasty men. She's being seen as a woman doing her best in an impossible situation, and  the rats are deserting her sinking ship. 

I liked the analogy of Mrs May being a post mistress, trudging through the thick, thick snow to deliver a parcel that nobody wants, getting doors slammed in her face and   leaving her out in the cold.

It's 7.41 am. Somebody might have called a general election while I was typing.

It does happen.


There is no easy way out of this. I'd call another Brexit referendum but nobody has asked me. People were asked to make a  lifelong decision without knowing the facts, and  that went badly wrong. Now there are calls for Indyref2, which is where people are asked to make a lifelong decision without knowing the facts.

I hope that has clarified it all.

We have a saying. Even Shi* rolled in glitter is still Shi*.

Which I feel is a very apt political comment. 

I'm going for a lie down. We could have a general election by the time I get upstairs.


  1. No, you shouldn't take a lie-down, as you'll probably miss the vote. And what's this "nasty men" BS? A guy here in the U.S. referred to someone as a "nasty woman" and look where that got HIM...

  2. I can see I need to be specific here. Mr Boris Johnson. Mr Rees Mogg. Mr Gove. Mr Farage. That'll do for starters. But there's PLENTY to choose from...

  3. We don't take a lie down here. We imitate ostriches and stick out heads in the sand.