Friday, November 2, 2018

A Placid Place

Meanwhile, in a sunny but very cold Scotland, I have a deadline for 17th November, the world premier of Carry On Sleuthing 3 tomorrow night and a pantomime horse to groom.

Here's few pics of Indian Rocks.

                                          Stan?   A happy wee birdie?

Being an overweight driver makes vehicle slide to the left?

The swing bridge on it's way up.
This was over some water.
This bridge was manatee viewing heaven.

Here broken animals and broken people meet to see if they can help each other.
The animals were injured wildlife.
The people were vets with PTSD.

Bird nests or bat holes

A one eyed owl with a female ex serviceperson.
She explained she needed to be calm, to keep the bird calm. They walk around the reserve together, talking to visitors, gaining confidence and a sense of peace

A white one...

and a non white one.

A huge thing under the water

sticking his nostrils up

and swimming away...

very slowly indeed....

This was on the arm of a vet who had served navy time at the Holy Loch- the location of my next novel. The US navy had a huge base there. He spoke of it fondly and told us he had Irn Bru for breakfast that day as he got a real taste for it while stationed here. He buys it on the net.

A wet thing in the water.

Boats not in the water.

Scary hanging down weedy thingies.

                                                           Are these called beauty berries?

One of these tortoises escaped and I had to gopher it! It was trying to cross the highway, so we carried it back and we 'got it telt.'

turtle pond

Stan?  Green and shiny, stayed very. very still.

Mathilda ( yes it was called Mathilda) has a broken wing.

A nice flower to finish with.

Caro Ramsay 02 11 2018


  1. Ah, so lovely, what a wonderful respite from, I will NOT remember from what... I will not. You can't make me. Love the animals and scenery. What? Me worry? Love all the creatures. And the humor. And the words. Hmm-duhhhh-dmmmm-dee-deeeee....

  2. Lovely photos!! And your captions are fantastic.

  3. Very nice. I love to read the posts and look at the photos of an ardent ornithologist. Answers to your questions: a happy wee birdie; black-crowned night heron.

  4. I agree with Susan, Stan and (even)Evka, though he did miss out on calling your mysterious quadriptych a "croc." Good luck on the premier...I was going to say, "break a leg," but considering your profession I decided against it.

  5. You've tempted me to come out of hiding. I could show off about the birds, but I'll just say that the happy wee birdie is a mockingbird. There was one living here that loved to imitate the songs the ice cream truck played. Its favorite was "La Cucaracha." That bird always made me laugh.