Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Cafe life in Paris

I was hoping to post how I can now commit a REAL crime in France and not be implicated...but oops non, those pics haven't loaded. It's a DNA trick I learned at the police laboratory yesterday...In the meantime here's a little sample of cafe life.
 This is the oldest cinema in Paris up in Montmartre and I loved it...jam packed too!
 Here's the cafe segment and all of these iconic cafes are around the corner from me!

Cara - Tuesday in Paris and posting before my battery dies + I lose WiFi (weefee, as the French say)


  1. You may lose your wifi, weefee, but never your POWER! Now about that DNA trick...

    Happy Election Day.

  2. Cara, as usual, you make me wish I had such places around the corner from wherever I am at the moment. Looking forward to the insider peek into the perfect crime.

  3. The above is from connection - impaired Annamaria