Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Giacometti's atelier

Giacometti, second on the left, the Swiss sculptor and painter worked in an atelier in the 14th arrondissement. 
 It was below Montparnasse. I walked by the building years ago. It was a jumble of artists ateliers and owned privately.  Rumors were Giacometti's atelier and contents were intact and there was a push to buy the building and make it a museum.
 That didn't happen. But the Giacometti foundation found space in an amazing art nouveau building on the other side of the arrondissement. So they moved his intact atelier lock stock and barrel. Et voilà, the museum had just opened and I ran right over. It's kind of amazing and takes you into his process.
 Even his glasses.
Here's Giacometti in his studio with Jean Genet, the writer and ex-felon, who Sartre and de Beauvoir championed.
 Here's the new building - catch the art nouveau details and the guide's boots!

 Giacometti's drawing for his wife, Annette.

Highly recommended! Giacometti Institute, 5 rue Victor Schoelcher, 75014 - buy tickets online
Cara - Tuesday


  1. From Annamaria: Cara, Giacometti has long been a big favorite of mine. I so want to see this new museum.

  2. Another reason for Barbara and me to go to Paris ASAP!!!

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