Monday, August 8, 2022

Sidai Resource Centre Update

 Annamaria on Monday

Many of our MIE readers may have already read about my interest in helping the brilliant efforts of Sarah Lesiamito, founder of the Sidai Resource Center - to save the girls in Northern Kenya from FGM, forced marriage, and other retrogressive practices.  You can learn about the beginnings of this story here and here.

Great progress has been made since my latest report.  The grass-roots effort began with Sarah taking girls into her own home.  Ten girls was the maximum she could take in.  Expansion of the effort has been underway.  For a while, the over flow of rescued girls was housed in the make-shift building above.

Now, a larger, better structure is underway.  And the count of girls has risen over the past year to 36!

The girls now have more people helping to give them a life of their own, education, and freedom from abuse.  Those women with Sarah in the picture at the top of the blog, one of whom is a nurse, are some of the volunteers.

Sidai has a board of people in Kenya and in the USA to advise and help grow the effort.  One member is a young Samburu man Nick Lenaimado, who has a degree in computer science and is on his way to becoming a lawyer.  He is creating all the digital records the Centre needs to become a fully functioning nonprofit.

Earlier this year, Sarah and Nick traveled to Nairobi to select books for the Centre's library.

Now, instead of being chattel, the girls of Sidai are reading!


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