Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sujata's Writing Road, 2019

Sujata Massey

With debut author Tori Eldridge at Chevalier's in Los Angeles

I grew up in the age of point-and-shoot simple cameras, which at the time seemed beyond magically simple. But in the last ten years, the cell phone camera has thrown old-fashioned cameras to the curb. We are now responsible for being the chroniclers of our lives.

I feel that stopping what I'm doing to take pictures takes me out of the moment, so I don't do it a whole lot. But when I travel, or have special friends come my way, I go straight to the camera app on my phone.

Here are some of my favorite moments saved over the last year--my grateful thanks to the invisible assistants who did a lot of the snapping. These pictures remind me how many people--family, writing friends, readers, and booksellers--have brought joy into my workalike. I was thrilled to launch the second book in my Perveen Mistry series, The Satapur Moonstone, and humbled by the recognition given to the book before it, The Widows of Malabar Hill. And this made photo-ops!

 For all these journeys, and so much more, I am grateful. You may notice a lot of books in these pictures. Whoever guesses the right number deserves their own prize.

Crime Writers of Color founder Kellye Garrett came to my house to make drinks  

Twin Cities roundup: my stepmom Manju and good friends at Once Upon a Crime

My mother Karin and her longtime pal Don Johnson, an expert on Indian textiles 

This was one of the biggest book talks on the tour due to Margaret and Kathy's efforts

I was having a lonely dinner in Houston before a signing discovered two readers, Tara and Priyanka, were in the same bar!

There was literally a tornado hitting Kansas when I posed with Raven Books' Danny Caine 

Janet Rudolph's legendary mystery bookclub read Widows!

What an honor to have audiobook narrator Sneha Mathan read for me in Seattle

Getting into position for Nancy Pearl's web talk show, Book Lust

I drove to Santa Barbara for lunch and met a bunch of newsletter subscribers!

The  hand-carved award for Best Historical Mystery at the Left Coast Crime Con 

Celebrating the sheer glass Macavity win for Best Historical at Bouchercon with  Soho's Rudy, Juliet and Bronwen

With my husband just before winning the Mary Higgins Clark prize at the Edgars in NY

To touch a hot-of-the-press book for the first time is a real thrill!


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  2. What a wonderful year for you, Sujata, and great to have these picture memories.

  3. Sujata, you have far more than earned all those memories and accolades if only for all the joy you bring to those who meet you! it's time to storm 2020. :)

  4. Brilliant, Sujata. This sentence works for me with and without the comma!!! Love to you! You do us proud.