Tuesday, December 3, 2019

My best of 2019 list

I don't know about you, meaning you my blogmates and MIE readers, but with all the best of lists out there I never seem to find my bests on any lists. It's so subjective, right?

Decided that this is my turn. So here are my best of -  food I've tasted, places I've travelled to, apps I've used and BOOKS that I read which jumped out and stayed with me. These follow no special order or theme except to follow my life and travel experiences in 2019. You can think of them as recommended, too.
The categories are:
Best travel go-to's
Best books I've read or listened to
Best museums + exhibitions I've visited
Best bakeries I've gone to in Paris + US
Best bookstores I've shopped in Paris + Venice
Best Netflix/Streaming site shows I've watched -
Best Apps I've used the heck out of for Travel
Best Podcasts I've listened to

Best travel go-to's (leave home and wear it all on you + foil pickpockets) -
This cotton infinity neck scarf with a zippered RFID pocket that fits passport, cards, iPhone
This trench coat packs it all in 18 pockets - secret agent style - capable of holding a passport, cards, keys, money, iPhone and glasses without bulging

in the US, TSA + Global Entry status SO worth it.

Best books I've read or listened to -
Conviction by Denise Mina
The Accomplice by Joseph Kanon
The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker
The Aspern Papers by Henry James
The Sideman by Caro Ramsay
Shoot the Bastards by Michael Stanley
The Satapur Moonstone by Sujata Massey
Murder at Cape Three Points by Kwei Quartey
Ghost of the Bamboo Road by Susan Spann
The Mykonos Mob by Jeffrey Siger
The Blasphemers by Annamaria Alfieri
Bad Turn by Zöe Sharp

Best museums I've visited -
The newly opened Museum of the Libération in Paris opposite the Catacombs. Worth descending the hundred plus steps to the underground Resistance outpost for 9 days during the Libération.

Ateliers des Lumieres - Gustav Klimt exhibition - immersive and pyschedelic!

Best bakeries I've gone to in Paris + US -
the artichoke quiche at Treize Bakery opposite the Jardin du Luxembourg

Vive le Tart - in SOMA in SF
the flakiest, butteriest croissant outside Paris

Best bookstores I've shopped in Paris  -
Le Divan, French books, in the 15th arrondissement, a  welcoming general bookstore with beautiful Moleskins, current and classic novels and lovely divans to spread out and read on.

Librerie Acqua Alta in Venice that sadly got flooded three weeks after we visited.

The Red Wheelbarrow with English books also facing the Jardin du Luxembourg.This is the re-incarnation of the Red Wheelbarrow formerly in the Marais by the wonderful Canadian bookseller Penelope.

Best Netflix/Streaming site shows I've watched -
The Bureau, a French nail biting drama of several seasons about their 'CIA' on Sundance
The Bay a realistic,  moving police drama set in Morecambe in the UK on Britbox

Best Apps I've used the heck out of for Travel =
Easy Jet app is easy to navigate and reminds me when to check in.
Google Translate because I don't speak Hungarian or Italian and fracture French
CityMapper - it tells you what's the best Metro car to hop on and how long it takes in almost every city
Weather Underground more accurate weather forecasts than many

Best Podcasts I've listened to -
One Eye Open by Stephy the daughter of a British homicide detective + hope she's continuing!

When I look back over the list I wonder what I've missed...do you have any
best ofs for 2019??
Cara - Tuesday


  1. I love the trench coat, Cara! What make is it? And the CityMapper sounds great, too.

    Thank you for the kind mention of BAD TURN in your books read and enjoyed list. "Vous êtes très gentil, mademoiselle!"

    1. Thanks for the enjoyment of BAD TURN!
      The trench is from Scottevest - I don't make a commission either but I recommend this to all my pals...

  2. Love your list and I usually don't bother reading them for the reasons you listed in the opening. But I too would like to know more about the coat and scarf and will keep your list of reads in mind!

  3. Glad you liked the list! The trench is Scottevest and the scarf from Sholdit...really great go-to's and items like this travelling a breeze.

  4. Those are some tremendous tips, Cara. Thank you! Does the Trench Coat also come in a style for men?