Tuesday, October 23, 2018

near Jardin du Luxembourg

So walking from 'home', my friend's father's apartment near Montparnasse, to meet Rae - she organized SF Bouchercon - the light fell in such an amazing way.
 A shot through the lion's legs to le Senat
 And this unexpected swoop from a pigeon
 Here's Rae in the 5th where she likes to stay near the Sorbonne
 Walking back past the Pantheon
Stopping at Penelope's bookstore the Red Wheelbarrow which she opened two months ago - it's at 9 rue de Medicis just across from the garden. I've known her for years - since our kids were little - and we had so much fun trying to figure out how to Instagram this photo while greeting customers
 Returning I saw a light in le Senat....someone was working late!
 And a couple walking down the narrow rue where I defenestrated someone in Murder in Saint Germain
Yes, this was F. Scott and Zelda's place for a while in Paris.
Cara - Tuesday