Tuesday, October 16, 2018

heat wave in Paris and too much fun in Penelope's bookstore

At the cafe today someone was saying it's the hottest October in 75 years. It's almost 80 every afternoon...not complaining but the trees on the boulevards seem confused. Their leaves are crinkling brown and orange but some have green leaves on top.
I felt like hopping off the bus and jumping in the fountain at Saint Sulpice.
Instead I hung out with Penelope Fletcher who has opened her Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore (formerly in the Marais) bordering the Jardins du Luxembourg. 

Here she is with Bruce, her pal and Canadian publisher who just came from the Frankfurt book Fair. 
 We all had lunch next door and who's sitting in the cafe but my fave French actress Sandrine Kimberlain ! I shamelessly asked for a photo and she graciously agreed! No shame is my motto!
Back in the Red Wheelbarrow 
Caroline, a documentary film maker joined us!
Cara - Tuesday 

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  1. You never cease to amaze me at your ability to start a party at the drop of a hat. Or book. Bravo, Cara!