Tuesday, October 9, 2018

bonjour from Paris

Bonjour from the crispy and sunny (though right now it's dark, the cobblestones wet from the street cleaners and EARLY am and the cafe's just let me) Paris.
I got up early to post and hope my jet lag hasn't goofed me up and I'm a day early or late.
Here's the steps to 'my' place in Montparnasse on rue Delambre (actually it's my friend Anne's Papa's place but he's in the hospital - hoping he recovers soon!)
Yesterday I walked to get the kinks out and Montparnasse cemetary is literally across the rue.
 Who do you find - literally if you turn right - but the double grave of Simone de Beauvoir and JP Sartre. Their headstone is covered with kisses. So interesting to see them buried together, as is in life, yet vibrantly individual always.
 Remember a few posts back I posted about an interview with the writer Marguerite Duras? She's the brilliant author 'The Lover', screen writer 'Hiroshima, mon Amour' who had an extraordinary life? The interview and write up with Duras was in the mid 80's and she prophesied the internet's pull and our addiction to our screens. Duras was the lady I meant to see. Here's her gave and she's buried with her last lover.
I love how people have left a tribute of pens and pencils, the tools she used, to express herself, life and with such talent. I just dropped by to pay respects and say thank you to her for all her inspiration. I'm leaving a pen, too.
So mes amies, I'm watching as the street wakes up and people scurry to the Metro,  the patron's coming into the cafe as it's orange juicer pulps to life.
I'll post next week, hoping my wifi cooperates. 
Meanwhile have a bon journée, bises from Paris, Cara-Tuesday


  1. Moving that they get these tributes... I love that.

  2. Love seeing your Paris photos here & on Instagram! Have a great time!

  3. Those pens!! What wonderful ghosts you have around you, Cara. Hope your stay is lovely!

  4. I've recently become obsessed with fountain pens, so I'll take the pot of pens by Duras' final resting place as a sign that perhaps I'm overdoing it.