Saturday, May 11, 2024

CrimeFest 2024, So Good...


I haven't been back to Bristol UK and CrimeFest since pre-Covid days. But all that's changed and the past few days have been one big family-style reunion.  An exhausting one of the sort that had me hanging out with old friends and new until I realized I have a blog due in a matter of hours. So, I've decided to follow the path blazed by Caro and post photos below in lieu of prose. 

By the way, don't believe a word she might say in response. Caro's my alibi and I'm sticking to it.

Among the faces you'll find in these photos are MIE'ers past and present, namely Ovidia, Zoë, Caro, Michael, Stanley, and moi. 

Now off to sleep, perhaps to dream....assuming the college-age weekend partying folk of Bristol camped below my second floor hotel window lower the volume to something less than that of jet engine going full bore through my bedroom

Night night.


PS. I just learned that Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine has selected my just released #13 CI Andreas Kaldis novel -AT ANY COST-- as "one of the best of the best mystery crime novels for 2024."   Maybe I'll go join those late night partiers.:)




  1. Stop having so much fun, Jeff. Don't you know that things that are fun are bad for your health? Healthy things are supposed to hurt. So, knock off all these Good Times, Charlie.

  2. Wish I were there!! AA

  3. Most of the people in these pictures should not be trusted- especially me!

  4. So great to see several of the MIE crew all there catching up, along with lots of other friends and acquaintances in the crime fiction community. Gutted I couldn't make it this year, but hope to see y'all at another festival soon.