Friday, May 10, 2024

Crime fest 2024- So far

After a few dramatic emails, the first panel got off to a great start and I look like someone has told me there's no biscuits left.

A full house!

Me talking about building tension. Jaws!

I tried to get into Michael's panel but the door was locked (?) so here's Jeff at his.
The guy on the left engineered Shazam with his 4 pals.
Is Jeff wishing he'd done that?


Talking AI-  Artificial Intelligence not artificial in semination.
Although what a panel that would make?

Jeff being serious and a bit scary about the future of tech.

Here's a walk round Bristol very early morning.
It's rather charming.

Man was drawing a boat on the river, the seagull was paying a lot of attention




  1. Very shocked that they locked you out of my panel. Well, I enjoyed the panel. Hopefully a few other people did...
    I enjoyed your panel also. Jaws and brain surgery...

    1. I thought you might have arranged to have me locked out! I heard it was very good!

  2. Sounds like fun. And Bristol is a lot closer to me than Nashville. Maybe another year.

    1. It's a fun and friendly festival! And a good jumping off point for the golden triangle of Bath/London/Stratford On Avon.