Friday, November 17, 2023

Waving or drowning

My current state!

It was Scottish Book Week this week. I was sent to Oban, the Gateway To The Highlands.
It's about 110 miles door to door.
It can take over 3 hours to drive due to the roads. Ot lack thereof.
It was well after midnight when we got back.

This should have been the state of today, but the cosmos was against me.
I had to go to work.

So I'm cheating on this blog, by stealing funnies from the net.

This is more proof of what I was doing last night.
Talking rubbish really.
It's been quite a long time since I did a solo event.

This was how most of my jokes were accepted.

Other authors were talking in other libraries around Scotland, about the bibles they keep for recurring characters.
They use spreadsheets.
Who are these people?

Oh....well I thought it was funny!

A question often asked at these events.
How do you write?
Pen to paper, finger to keyboard!
You can't edit a blank page.

Michael over at Ayr library had his thunder stolen totally by this wee nugget.

I was asked,  how to kill the other half and get away with it.
I could write a book about that... infact...

I was also asked about Nikki French, a married couple who write as one.
How can two people write the same book.
I happen to know them but I waxed lyrical about  two other people I know who write as one.
Kubu was being discussed in darkest Oban on a cold, wintery November.
And the story of the dancing Bushmen.

I also told one of my favourite  "Stan" stories- sitting in St Petes and he got the phone call that a hippo had gone in the swimming pool.

And where do you get your ideas from?
Well I have a friend who had a hippo in his swimming pool.....





  1. Dumfungled... my new favorite word. Thanks, Caro!

  2. You are so braw, lassie, to remember the bree the hippo caused when it dooked into the pool.

  3. I so miss you guys...I'd say wish you were here, but in these days of erupting volcano countdown that may not be taken as a sign of caring --- Jeff at Iceland Noir.

  4. What Stan said, but translated into English. (By the way, how DO Nicki French write together?)