Monday, November 6, 2023

Political Insanity

Annamaria on Monday

I know!  it's nothing to joke about.  (And it is certainly an insult to the comic geniuses named on the chart.)  But...

In the face of the miseries we all hear about on current news reports, I hoped to post a distraction.  I myself need an extra strong coping mechanism today.  I was already dealing with the challenges brought upon by not-so-painless dentistry, when I awoke this AM to find that the machine I lhad eft on my desk last night had been abducted by aliens and replaced with a complete stranger to me.  Gone was my swell desktop wallpaper, replaced with a background of the universe's most boring shade of blue.  And all of my go-to useful icons took me NOT to the programs I use every day.  Instead there was all this strange stuff that I had no idea how to use.  Some didn't work at all.  Most horrifying, the music app wouldn't even open.

And since it is Sunday when I write this, I have to get a blog up by midnight.  I knew I would have to reach back into the years of previous blogs, hoping to find something at least mildly amusing.  I knew exactly what I wanted to find.  But this alien machine I am tying on right now seems to have a worse relationship with Blogger than my real computer had.  This one, when I typed in the search word "Scandinavian," gave me the post you see below????

It was originally posted exactly one year and one day before the day it relaunches - 5 November 2022, a time that seems positively benign compared to what happening on the same date in 2023.

 All I can hope for is that this game will allow us all some release of tension. Since I am actually working on this on Sunday, I will begin by shouting to the phrase produced by 11/5:


Let’s have some fun with our wordsmithing.  The situation our country finds itself in may defy description, but we can do our best.  To aid you in your attempts to express your feelings, I have devised a handy tool.  The following three columns will yield the most elegant and descriptive phrases for your discussions of the United States House of Representatives.   Just choose one word from each column.
If you have trouble picking, just think of any three numbers from one to ten.  For instance, my birthday, 3.17 yields “Infuriating farcical gasbags!”  666, the number for Satan yields “Shameful feckless bloodsuckers.”  4.23 gives you "Grasping mule-headed twits." You get the idea.

If you think this blog post has nothing to do with international criminal activity, I want some of your medicine.


  1. I hope you can make peace with your laptop at least. Everywhere else seems hopeless at the moment...

  2. As a classic quote says, "It takes a computer to REALLY screw things up." If I lived in NYC, I'd volunteer to come over and help. Alas (well, not really, as I really like my home... :-)

  3. Are we beyond help? I have no more energy available.

  4. I'm just happy you found your way out of computer hell, Sis.