Monday, November 20, 2023


Annamaria on Monday

                                 Photo credit: Mark Hanson &Martin Pugh, SSRO, PROMPT, CTIO,NSF

I woke up in the wee hours of this morning and picked up my phone to find out what time it was: 3:30.  I also learned that NASA had sent me, as it always does in the night, its picture of the day - the Horse Head Nebula that you see above. I get those pictures every day because I subscribe, and I subscribe because the galactic photos have the wonderful capacity of keeping me in perspective. It's a very good thing when one is taking one self too seriously to think about how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things.

Today's picture was so beautiful that it inspired me to write a blog about that very subject. That's when it hit me that I was already too late to have a blog up on time. The only excuse I can offer is that I completely had forgotten to write one on Sunday, because I have spent the past few days totally focused on having a real Thanksgiving with my family at a time when two of my beloved family members are going through extreme difficulties. The rest of us are determined that we will celebrate as we always do without putting any burdens whatsoever on the people we want to protect.

What popped into my midnight head at that point was that I might throw together a blog about perspective. I also thought about a song that concerns devotion to family and the vastness of the universe. It's from one of my favorite musicals - She Loves Me. I share it with you here.  Like my blog today, it is called Perspective, and it is sung by a character who explains why he never stands up to boss.  It links up, sort of, with Horse Head Nebula.

I knew if I was going to do anything even close to a decent job of writing a blog and get everything ready to keep my Thanksgiving promises, I had to get some more sleep. Somehow I managed to do a big of that.

Now I am about to click "Publish" on this meager post, which hours late! Please forgive my tardiness.

For readers in the USA: I wish you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving.  To my blog mates: one of the things I am most grateful for throughtout the year is your precious friendship.

Cranberry Orange Sauce in the making


  1. "Your blog is a digital sanctuary for intellectual nourishment. The carefully curated content, thoughtful insights, and engaging discussions provide a space where readers can quench their thirst for knowledge. Thank you for being a virtual oasis for the curious mind."

  2. I wish a merry, cheerful, and stressless Thanksgiving to you, AmA, even if (but especially if) that seems like gnat in a hurricane.

    1. Thank you, EvKa. Your good wishes and friendship are so very welcome!