Saturday, November 11, 2023

Print Ads to Make You Laugh



I was running around Google searching for something upbeat to write about in the midst of these extraordinarily downbeat times when I came across a website posting its selection of forty “seriously funny print ads.”  


Perhaps because of their slyly criminal noir bent—featuring adorable crime fighting canines (that's for you, Caro)––my favorites are the first four, titled “Husband, Hand, Cards, Blind,” which ran in Chile as part of a 2009 dog food ad campaign.


My hope is that among the following you’ll find at least one to summon up a smile if not an outright giggle.





For Ovidia--Elephantine Heimlich Manuever


or Pepsi?

Time to Go

 PS. This next week I'm off to Iceland Noir. I just love that festival, and can't wait to spend another adventure on the island of gnomes and groans.



Friday, 17 November 2023 @ 11AM


Sunshine Noir panel @ Kjarval venue

with Philip Gwynne Jones, Lexie Elliott, and Jackie Collins


  1. Thanks, Jeff. The dog is my favorite too. Several chuckles there!

  2. A real bow-WOW moment I thought, Michael. :)

  3. These are great, Jeff. The dog is my favorite too.

    Enjoy Iceland. I read where the ground is shaking in anticipation of your arrival. Have a hot time!

    1. Thanks, Dave. And with your magic way with words and puzzles, thank you, too,for sparing us any attempts at intricate pun play on places like Reykjavik and Snæfellsjökull.

  4. Great ads, Jeff, but I never knew you had such enthusiastic Saudi fans...

    1. EvKa, I think that if I tried very hard I could discern the meaning in your message, but as I'm currently preparing to take off for Iceland Noir (the mystery conference, not Rock 'n Roll festival), I don't have sufficient gray matter available to figure it out.

  5. It was a snide reference to the burst of spam comments (which you've apparently deleted, thank you), which were written in Arabic and appeared (according to Google Translate) to be trying sell some kind of Heshemite (sp?) stones or bricks. Hope you're having a great trip, and don't buy any volcanoes! :-)