Saturday, May 13, 2023

I'm Back in Greece!!!





After a false start or two, I arrived late yesterday back on Mykonos where the weather is more like Reykjavik in November. But I’m “assured” temperatures will reach the Fahrenheit 80s by Monday. With Greek Parliamentary elections one week away, there are a lot of overly optimistic promises floating about, so I’d hold off on breaking out the bikinis quite yet.


Frankly, If I had my druthers, Barbara and I would be in Bristol this week celebrating CrimeFest with our much-loved extended UK family (and related souls).  It’s been pre-Covid days since we last attended, and we miss our friends.


But, alas, I’ve been counseled to remain in Greece, prepared to address any last-minute snafus with my pending residency permit renewal. None is expected, but when is one ever?


So, stay tuned over the coming months for photos of Greece and the changing face of Mykonos. A lot’s happened here over the past year, and a lot more is likely headed this way.  So, stay tuned for dramatic confrontations, mysterious happenings, unlikely heroes, born villains, and the many barely imaginable sorts of goings-on that draw to this summer playground the rich, the famous, the wild, the restless, and moi.


Until then, here’s a few photos of the view from where I’m staying at the moment.


Happy Mother’s Day.




  1. I love that hotel! The location is great and the view is beyond! And the salt water pool is sublime. Enjoy your stay Jeff and Barbara,I’m sure the weather will change to your liking pretty quickly. Lawrence ps I’m sure your residency permit will be in your hands shortly.

  2. Thank you for holding off on the bikini pics, Jeff. There are some things I do NOT need in my brain...

  3. I, too, am keeping my fingers crossed that your permits come through without hassles or complications, Jeff. And that we meet again on the same continent before too very long.

  4. Jeff! So glad you are well and you and Barbara have arrived. Shame about CrimeFest, but given everything you've written in the past, it seems sensible to stay. At least you are stuck in somewhere sublime. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to dispatches from the sea front.