Friday, May 12, 2023

Crimefest 23

It was a well attended panel, talking about putting your characters under pressure. I got a round of applause for saying that in my books all children are horrible, all dogs are lovely and its always good to kill and estate agent. So you’ll need to excuse the quick blog but I’m on a mission to track down the bloggers who are at crimefest and get a group photo taken. This is as easy as herding cats in zeros gravity.

How do you spell that again? The printing on the nameplates was very small I think they must be saving on ink. Unfortunately this meant I had no idea who I was most of the time. 

And a close up of what was going on here....


I’m gossiping on a panel here with Andy Hill who sets his books in the New Forest right where I spent many of my childhood holidays. Wild ponies roam the new forest and Andy was saying that farmers have the right to graze their pigs on the common land. The pigs eat the acorns, and stop the ponies getting colic.

The pigs might also  eat the bodies of any murder victims that happen to be lying around......

(At the coronation, social media used lip readers to find out what the Royals were saying to each other. Here you can see my tactic to avoid this.)

Wish me luck getting the photo...  I may have to tempt them with coffee and cake!




  1. Barbara and I truly miss CrimeFest. Barbara especially misses chatting with Alan--commiserating no doubt. Hugs to all the crew.

  2. Your panels were, as ever, hugely entertaining, Caro. A pleasure to see you in Bristol.