Monday, February 27, 2023

Madrid: First Glance

Annamaria on Monday

These five days in Madrid were inspired by an opportunity to meet up with my life-long friends Francoise and Jean-Claude, who planned to be here to attend a contemporary art fair.  My friend Nicoletta and I jumped on the band wagon.  

We are enjoying cold, but sunny weather.  With lots of long walks to admire the grand and glorious architecture.  Here are some highlights of our first couple of days.

Many European churches have bronze doors, but these on
the main cathedral of Madrid were not created until the 
1980s, the the finishing touches were added to the structure.

I loved the bronze image of the Bishop in his specs

Some of the stained glass is ancient and some is very 80s!


Two of my top picks from the Thyssen Collection:


Thyssen owned his own Bernini!?!?

Blue skies, smiling on me!  More Madrid next week!


  1. Annamaria, these pictures are such a wonderful treat to wake up to Hope you continue to have a glorious time.

    1. Glad to share them with you, Wendall!! AA

  2. My oh my, Sis, you just reminded me that I haven't been back to Madrid since before the Thyssen Museum was established! My how time flies.