Friday, February 3, 2023

Life on the Road


It's been a very trying and stressful week.  So it's a wee happy blog today, a blog about escaping and getting away from it all.  

And getting away from Facebook.  More about that once the police have finished with the situation but yeah.....weird!

Anyway to more fun items.

The above is Glasgow Exhibition Centre car park. Before the event.


A typical rainy Glasgow in January. It would appear that everybody is somewhere else. The somewhere else is important!


This is the entry hall, the early birders. One hour later, it was mobbed.


It was the annual  motorhome, caravan and camping show. We go  every two years to say things like 'I thought there was a recession on.' 'How many miles to the gallon towing that?' ' Where does my computer go.' 'The dog would need to learn to reverse.'

The joy of the toilet shower, basically a wet room.
It's for the submariner shower- get wet, turn water off, apply soap, water on, rinse, stop.
It's also for the 'slim'.

Look at that price!
It's a new thing, made in one piece so no joins.
And the name?
So easy to say Wingman or Wigwam....

Room for dog to move around but the fixed table here means the laptop is too far away for easy novelisaton. It was a no.

Strange man looking in the window to see two tables!!
We don't have that many friends...

Some pipers turned up to open the event.
Alan said they were playing Mama Mia.
I said it was Caledonia.
We were both wrong.

I could do with a brief lesson on how to spell manoe...manue..manover... yeah that.

It's my desire to have a swimming training pool in  one of these in the garden.

This is a mobile home.
I kid you not.
But it's all slightly wrong.... very sore neck from watching that tv, o2 needed to get up those stairs.
And where does one novelise?

Slightly more like it...lots of light.
All windows have midgie nets,

If only Mathilda was as obedient as this.

This was a very high spec kitchen. I suppose some folk go cook but motorhoming and coffee shops are good companions.

It was very busy, lots of folk with mobility issues, wheelchairs and scooters.  We've seen that on sites as well.  These caravans, motorhomes are easily build to spec, so it make sense to take your managable home everywhere you go.

We ended up here, for coffee and scones.
That was the only pennies we spent!



  1. What? If don't spend the pennies, how t'hell do you expect to manover Alan???

  2. Some folks just know how to travel. By the way, when I saw your 8th photo I thought Alan had made it onto the Big Screen Tele.

  3. My one visit to that expo cost me over a hundred grand. As a financial investment, the cabin was a write off (limited lifespan with massive depreciation) but for the benefits to my health and wellbeing, it was priceless.