Friday, July 26, 2019

The Next Big Thing


A few years ago I walked into my pal's house and noticed a new painting up on the wall. I asked who did it and I heard the name of a man that I not going to mention here. I shall simply call him the Man Of Mystery.

Later, I was introduced to  the Man Of Mystery by the mutual friend and  he told me, as every body does when they  meet an author, 'Oh I have written a book.' Actually, that is not true. His pal told me and I had to half strangle Man Of Mystery to get the truth out him.  As a Glaswegian,  I can get the truth out of anybody. Very easily.

After much nagging and threatening, I finally got to read the book. Normally,  this leads to the problem of how do I tell somebody that this is badly written or nonsense or both!  But no, this book was great, and written in a style that is very proper and rather upright - almost as if it was written in the 40's or 50's which adds another  layer of tension to a very good story that is told well.

 I confess that I didn't get the perp right. So I fell out with him!

The Man Of Mystery is an artist.  And has a day job that involves the creativity of his art but not the pleasure he gets from standing in front of a blank canvas and waiting for it all to happen.  As somebody who has difficulty drawing a conclusion, I really admire  that.  I do have the ability to draw portraits, but they are all of William Shatner or Emma Thompson, they are the only two faces I can do.

As he is now under contract and sworn to secrecy ( he's not but this is a mystery writers blog site), he will remain the Man of Mystery and the book will be referred to as The Next Best Seller, as it's title really is  under wraps. The bit about him being under contract is also true....

 I thought I'd get a blog out him now, and again in a year and we will see how his answers have changed.....

Here's the Man Of Mystery


Do you have a back ground in writing?
Not really. I always enjoyed creative writing, but life got in the way, and it fell by the wayside a bit.
                                                                 trying to look like a serial killer on a cold day!

Is this the first book you have written, or the first book you have submitted?
I started writing a book years ago, but got about half way through and realised it was terrible, so I binned it. This is the first book I have written to the end!
So I asked what the bad book was about.
The terrible  book was a romantic comedy and was really, really terrible. Definitely won’t be resurrecting it. Ever. It was about a guy who after ten years married to his high school sweetheart realises he is in love with her gay older brother. Nuff said.

I thought that sounded interesting, if he then killed his wife and... consider that idea stolen Man Of Mystery.  

Books two and three are both stand alone. All three are quite different from each other in terms of story, but all are equally as dark and twisted. 

What thought inspired ‘The Next Best Seller?’
Lots of things inspired it really. I’m always intrigued by deep dark secrets, and the idea of a long passage of time passing between certain dark events, so these were the sparks that set the wheels in motion for this book.
Doesn't give much away does he?  I think woman looks out a window and recalls the last time she saw her childhood friend, the day her friend vanished,  and maybe starts to question what happened that day. Something like that...  That was the version I read but it may change.....
An original by the Man Of Mystery, called Storm. Scottish weather in the summer I think inspired this painting.

Where would you like to be next year, in an ideal world?
In an ideal world I would absolutely love to see my book adapted for the big screen.  I think it would make a great film! But in reality, I would just be really happy to know that people were reading my    book/s and enjoying it/ them. 
And the Tv adaptation? Who would star in that?
I think Russel Tovey would make a great Adam, and Carey Mulligan would be an excellent Emily. Jodie Comer would be absolutely perfect as Lily. And Mrs Abbott would have to be Kristin Scott Thomas.
Do you have book two ready, or is it still up your sleeve?
I have started book two, but it’s very early days. Watch this space. I also have the idea for book three in my head, and book four… so much going on in there!

With your background as an artist, do you have an ideal what the cover should look like?
I definitely have a few clear ideas of what I’d like to see… but if someone suggests something better that I haven’t considered I would be open to it.  
                                                          This is a pic of the house that inspired my last book.

You have a day job,   you are a professional artist and soon to be a published writer,  if the book takes off as predicted,  what will you give up first?
As predicted by who?!! J I would definitely love to give up my day job, without a doubt, and focus my time on doing the things I love like writing and painting… but realistically I know my job pays my bills, so don’t think that can happen any time soon! I could never give up my creative outlets, I enjoy painting too much to give it up. It’s what I do to relax. The dream would be to make a full time career out of writing.
Tell you about your writing routine?
A lot of my writing for this book was done late at night, after 11pm, and into the small hours. Probably like most emerging authors, I have to fit writing in around my job, and quite a busy life, so it’s basically a matter of finding a time when I’m not doing anything, and writing until I start to fall asleep.  I do find that my ideas flow much better late at night though anyway, when there are less distractions.
Have you yet been subjected to harsh editorial comment, and if so how long was your sulking time?
I’ve been quite lucky so far… but I’m in no doubt I will get some at some point. I am the king of sulkers though… comes from being the youngest of three brothers!

So that's a world exclusive for Murder Is Everywhere!
Watch this space

Caro 26 07 2019 

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  1. His Eyes. His Stormy Eyes. His Painting. His Stormy Painting. His Interviewer. His...Bright and Sunny Interviewer.

    What a wonderful place to be, a gifted artist on the edge of a heralded debut novel, with a mentor who knows how to speak Glaswegian. Life could not be better for him. Bravo and best of luck, oh MoM.