Tuesday, July 2, 2019

long overdue pics

Here's overdue pics of life in June on book tour. You'll recognize some faces!
 At the airport caffeinated and ready to go.
 At the King County library fundraiser in Seattle with Irish boy Kevin O'Brien
 Incredible foxgloves in my Seattle friend's garden
 Intriguing sign at fish hatchery
 Being 'grilled' by dear William Kent Krueger in Minneapolis
 Pat, former Once Upon A Crime's owner, huddling with our Stan
Pat's dog Shamus
 Joanne's amazing store in Madison, WI
 Daniel at Boswell's books in Milwaukee eating a macaroon
 Wisconsin cheese as a beer mug
 Comparing tattoos with Nina Laurin
 I wanted to take these with me
 Signing at Vroman's
 Halvah in Orange county because who has ever seen all these kinds of halvah
 With Kathleen Caldwell of A Great Good Place for Books who I have visited for 20 years!
 At the Met in New York...because who doesn't need a feathered butterfly dress
 Lunch with my publisher Bronwen in the Big Apple
 At McIntryre's in North Carolina before the poetry society
 Best bookstore bathroom at Quail Ridge Books
We ate a lot of cake to celebrate 20 years!
Cara - Tuesday glad to home with her dog, finally.

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  1. You've been racing full bore through the heartland of America, Cara. Are you sure you're not about to announce your candidacy for POTUS?