Tuesday, July 16, 2019

apéritif dînatoire

Never heard of it? Let's explore because summer is the time for apéritif dînatoire in France.  Which translates to a chic cocktail party. Imagine this scene:

Different drinks : aperol spritz, pastis

Depending on the number of guests you stand or just sit around on some chairs.

Finger food is offered either on a large table buffet style or presented on the center cocktail table.  The apéritif food can be hot or cold, but it is finger food. But filling enough to leave the party feeling you've eaten a meal.
This lasts as long as the host would like and the food is just enjoyed as it is: with rush, no pattern or real courses. An informal moment. The only real change towards another course is that for desserts. All is cleared away and voila! Les desserts appear.
Cara - Tuesday

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  1. Do the French know how to eat or what?!! I'm now starved...