Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Scratch the surface of Paris and find Skeletons.... under Monoprix

 These skeletons were discovered under the grocery section of Monoprix - a department store chain like a Target only more upscale and French - in central Paris in 2015.
 INRAP, the national institute of conservation and preservation of archeological research, discovered 200 skeletons of men, woman and children buried in the Middle Ages.
Was this a medieval cemetery?
Were these they victims of contagious diseases or starvation?

As you can see the skeletons were stored next to each other and buried carefully. These skeletons were excavated from a deep level during renovations and historians concluded that they had been 'forgotten' when the site, Trintiy hospital until the 18th century became later a Potin, a 19th century department store.

You never know what you'll find digging under Paris
Cara - Tuesday

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