Tuesday, December 5, 2017

encore our plumber pâtissier...it's a French thing

Our plumber pâtissier, who I've talked about before here, gave us the gift of his special French skills, and years later, they keep on giving.
While he was the maître with a marble rolling pin coming up with flaky buttery pâte brisée his under the sink work defies explanation to this day.
Yesterday, our young plumber responded to our frantic calls of water leaking through the downstairs ceiling in rivulets. I thought it was because I put the dishwasher on upstairs but with his trusty penlight our plumber said - you need a new disposal.
The next thing he said was 'I don't understand these pipes or how they have worked so far. '
All I could mumble was 'it's a French thing.'
I think they looked like this.
Amazingly, he found straighter pipes and drains in his truck, I bought another disposal from the photo our plumber texted me in the big box store and voilà it's installed, working and parfait.
Until the next time.
Meanwhile these photos help me think of the wonderfully bright side of our former plumber pâtissier's skills.

But under the sink?
Cara - Tuesday


  1. funny and luscious pix. Glad its working again!

  2. Cars, It must be a French thing, because where else in the world do they have so many people who can produce such fabulous pastries that they can spare one of them to do occasionally plumbing?

  3. Annamaria, generous of them yes, and he owes us a boulangerie full of pastries at this point.