Friday, December 22, 2017

Word Of The Year!

It’s word of the year time again.

My personal word of the year would be truckle.  I know it’s already there, out and about in the language but I don’t think it’s used enough. Cheese related vocabulary I suppose must have its limitations, but judging from the new use of the word Unicorn  ( I thought the old use was adequate but  I am not of the Zeitgeist seemingly, I am a traditionalist and think unicorns should be their natural white.)  You can take any word, give it a new and rather stupid meaning, stick it on the net and Bob’s yer lexicon.


So I am thinking of new uses for the word truckle.

In 2015  the word of the year was the singular ‘they’  used as a gender-neutral pronoun which crime writers know all about when they want to disguise the gender of A N Suspect non specific. But this is for use by non-binary gender identities…. Those that do not express their XX or XY or….

2016 the words were  'dumpster fire' which I had to look up – an  ‘exceedingly disastrous or chaotic situation’ or as we call it over here ‘the government.’

Oh satire.

Indeed, on that subject 'post-truth' was always going to be a close contender this year.  And 'fake news' as a single concept.

In the words of my hero – onmishambles  is pretty close to all that is going on, and the more disastrous clusterf***.

In Scotland we have uberpish.  Which is a stream of urine emanating from the mouth of any politician but taking the crap to a new level. And TV is starting to excel in Uberpish.

Brexit  came online in  2016, being it hard or soft and sometimes mispronounced Breakfast.
Breakfast is more palatable. Now we are thinking about Nexit ( the next to go) or Grexit ( Jeff?)

Trumpism was a  2016 word which, looking back was  used to describe  a certain style of utterance. It’s now ( in some quarters ) used in the same way as omnishambles, clusterf*** and uberpish.
                                                           Contents Of Bookcase  In Ramsay Hoose

Sharenting?  That’s the verb for sticking every smile, gurgle and bowel movement of  your small offspring on  social media. Is there an equivalent word for sharing pics of cats?  Sharfelinity?

Some sources say Google spell check recognises uberization. Mine got a red line so that’s not true.

And do not speak of Bigly.  If anything that's a place in the North of England.

Irregardless???   I think that’s uberpish.

Youthquake has been the big word of  2017, but  I am too old to be bothered by it.  I’ve never been fond of the ‘Youth Of Today’  and everybody will be the  youth of today tomorrow, or has been at some time  in the past.  Youthquake was responsible for the Tories failing to get their majority in the last election, as we all know the ‘Youth Of Today’ has never, ever been more idealistic/ lefty/revolutionary than their elders. ( That’s sarcastic uberpish BTW)

Antifa (anti Facist movement), Broflake ( a male who gets offended by attitudes that challenge his more conventional views) and Gorpcore ( dress in clothes meant for the outdoors ?? like  we do when we go outside??) were all shortlisted for word of the year 2017.

Kompromat was on the list also but at least I have heard of that- “ discrediting or manipulating someone for political purposes. In a Machiavellian kind of way?

A milkshake Duck?  That made the shortlist too. That’s something that appears to be lovely on social media but in reality has a repellent history.  Fill  in your own examples here…. I’ll give you a moment.

And why Milkshake and why duck?  Is that the Youth Of Today again? Or more Uberpish?

Newsjacking was on the list though I thought its obvious simplicity would have ensured it was in use wayyyyyyy ( I think I'll get that on the list) before 2017.  Hijack, carjack, blackjack…..
                                                                Starbucks Unicorn Frappachino
                                                ( I don't know what that last word means.)
                                                       ( I don't want to either.)

Unicorn. Unicorn. Quote  ‘denoting something, especially an item of food or drink, that is dyed in rainbow colours, decorated with glitter’
Nope. A unicorn is a horse you don’t want to mess with never mind spraying it different colours and sprinkling it with glitter.

White fragility is a new phrase on the block. It means the discomfort of  being in possession of white skin  when talking about  racial inequality and injustice. Maybe it’s time we all got a bit colourblind. Even the unicorns.

Seasons greeting to you all and may all your truckles  be flavoursome!
And devoid of glitter.

Caro  22 12 2017 


  1. Caro, I am so much further behind the times than you are. A unicorn multicoloured and sprinkled with glitter? Haven't they ever SEEN a unicorn? It's nothing like that!

  2. Actually, I believe the correct word for sharing pics of cats is "shatting".

  3. I also love unicorns, but even more so your use/misuse of woids. To quote Carly Simon, "No one does it better." On the issue of Grexit, from the way Turkey is talking these day about some of Greece's northeast Aegean Islands, I think the country has more to worry about from Grabit.

  4. You have words of the year now. In the U.S., we now have a war on words. The Trumpites have made an edict to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a government agency) that they can't use 7 words, including "vulnerable" (as in poor communities) and "evidence-based" and "science-based."
    So any theories based on hot air or magic or superstition are fine, just nothing based on facts or science.
    I feel like I"m in the Twilight Zone.