Monday, December 18, 2017

The Authors Guild Visits Cuba

Annamaria on Monday

I am writing this on Sunday evening.  I returned from Cuba on Friday and leave again on Wednesday for Christmas in Italy.  So here are my thousands of words in pictures to share a splendid experience:


One of our lecturers, an urban panner, explained this dichotomy: People who
have relatives abroad to send them money can fix up their places.  Those who
lack such funds have no possibility to do so.
At the museum, a coffee house made of espresso pots.

And a painter turned sculptor pays homage to his metamorphosis.

Another of our lecturers gave us a survey of the evolution of Cuban music,
illustrated by one of the best jazz bands I've hear in years.

We danced at the Buena Vista Social Club

The most joyful event: a vist to the Lizt Alfonso Dance Academy.

On the Road and Cienfuegos

Michael and Stan can identify the birds, I am sure.

This dome looked very familiar to me.


We met and heard from the woman responsible for preserving the beauty of
this historic city.

Trinidad had the best food!

Lovely evening of drinks in the courtyard of the home of local artist
If you ever get a chance to visit Cuba, do not miss it.


  1. Lucky you! All beautiful to see. Wish I could go.
    Relatives and friends who visited Cuba loved it. One mentioned that people play and sing music on the streets of Old Havana.
    Your photos are wonderful.
    Some friends actually went there in October on the 50th anniversary of Che's death for the commemoration.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. People are playing music and doing all sorts of other amusing things for tips in Old Havana. It is gorgeous there. Good photos are EASY!

  2. What a wonderful trip!
    I don't think I get any prizes for "cattle egrets".
    Looking forward to seeing you here in Feb/March.

    1. It’was, Michael. My great luck is to have these adventures, and they will continue when I get to Kenya and on to visit you.

      I was surprised to see cattle egrets so far away from what I thought was their habitat in subSaharan Africa.

  3. What gorgeous photos of a lovely, often-misunderstood country. Thank you for sharing your photos and your journey. Wishing you safe travels and a merry, bright, and blessed Christmas in Italy!

    1. Thank you, Susan. The earth is a great big gorgeous ball between your feet and mine!

  4. Ditto what Susan said.

    Happy holidays to you in Italy -- how awesome is that!

    1. Kathy, thank you. I know exactly how lucky I am. Wishing you all the best for a wonderful New Year.

  5. I've been meaning to go to Cuba. Now I'm meaning even more that you've blazed the way, sis. Enjoy Firenza!!

  6. I know you'll post photos from Italy. I well remember those from your last trip, especially the statues and the pastries, Florence and Siracusa.