Friday, June 23, 2017

Crime At The University

here is a lovely set of stained glass windows.
and me standing  in front of them.

here is the ceiling above...

and the doors...

and just  to see them to scale...

this is the  main building  of Glasgow University...

 we are on our way to the Huntarian Museum
It's all free folks,  if you  ever wander this way....

I did try  not to dance down this stairway...

I imagine that  Annamaria would  not have been able to resist..

through the opening  to the quadrangle...
all very 'Morse'

Yes the gates say 1451. The Roman empire did not finally collapse until a few years later.

the round reading  room, which was a) round, b) closed,
 We were too late to go in as we had eaten a rather nice cake.

Alan studied here for two  of his three degrees.
He boxed for the university team.

the new buildings are not up to much.

but they  have  lovely lawns with reading slabs.

Glasgow university, height of the summer...

The huntarian getting ready for our event.

The audience getting  crammed in.

the panel getting ready, you  will recognise the  other two I am sure...

Craig has been asked a question, he is looking for inspiration

Happy writers

I would like to point  out that all the writers had been up all night  watching the election. We were wearing red, blue and tartan!!  We had back up authors with us in case we broke down with exhaustion. The event was sponsored by a gin company!

Beautiful !

Caro Ramsay ( I am elsewhere at the mo!) 23 06 2017


  1. They just don't make 'em like they used to! (Buildings or writers? Hmm...)

  2. Oh, Caro, how beautiful! I'm sorry I did not see the University when I was in Glasgow. I was too focused on Charles Rennie McIntosh when I was there.

    You have me pegged. I am impulsive, and when it comes to dancing probably compulsive. Next time I come we will dance on those stairs together. You will be Shirley Temple, and I will be Bojangles.

  3. Craig, Michael and you all look to be in fine spirits in such august surroundings, though I must say with all those door shots at the beginning I was for sure expecting a Jimi Hendrix reference.