Monday, June 19, 2017

all over like a cheap suit tour

Cara here on Tuesday. I'm having a great time on this book tour and catching up with so many pals, especially our MIE gang or the usual suspects as some might say.
Here's a suspect, doesn't EvKa look guilty of something here in Portland?
Now we come to our Lisa Brackman in San Diego where she gave me a grilling. With us is Marc Ellsberg, who's from Vienna and has written a great thriller - and scary, too. Imagine the power grids go out in we took him out for a craft beer to chill in 'SD'style
 If that weren't enough hot coals, our own Tim Hallinan hit me with a page of questions at Chevalier's books in LA...fantastic store and Tim, fantastic comme toujours.
Along the way I got to hang out with the boss at Murder By the Book in Houston - Jack Reacher and his lovely human, McKenna

Here's the chocolate gateau at the Orange County launch party courtesy of Debbie at Mystery Ink
Chocolate, chocolate and more dense chocolate - as delicious as it looks.
But most of the time the glamorous touring life is fueled by gummy bears, a Léo Malet pulp novel and trusty laptop at the boarding gate and looks like this.

Tonight I'm catching up with Stan in Minneapolis!
Cara on Tuesday


  1. Guilty as charged... Actually, I think the best vacation might be to just follow Cara around to all of her bookstops!

  2. I think that we should change the name of the blog to "Cara is Everywhere."

    May the great times continue--along with the gummy bears.

  3. have a blast in minneapolis tonight, and i so miss not being able to see you at Once Upon a Crime! Tis where we met so many years ago.

  4. Wonderful event at Once Upon a Crime! Cara knocked their socks off. Then a lively dinner with Cara, Kent and Diane Krueger.