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Bridge Books

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This is 85 Commissioner Street in downtown Johannesburg. Not the sort of location or the sort of building in which you you'd expect to find one of the most innovative independent bookstores in Johannesburg. Downtown Johannesburg has gone through the usual cycle of large city centers - commercial hub, movement out to the suburbs, empty run-down buildings and the homeless people, and then regenerating. In its heyday, this was the monolithic headquarters of Barclays Bank.

Now add Griffin Shea who loves books and everything to do with them. He's even sold them on the street in Johannesburg! In fact, he makes the point that lots of people sell books on the street corners. The paper book market is far from dead downtown.

Motivated by some idea of selling his own novels, he put together a plan to have a literary space in that Art Deco building and pulled it off. What used to be the banking hall is now an area where traders can sell their wares, and there's a cafe too. Griffin helps them get around their difficulties of not having the sort of credentials that will satisfy book suppliers. Hence the motto: 'Jozi's streetwise bookstore.'

Cafe with Bridge Books above
Griffin's own brainchild - Bridge Bookstore - occupies the mezzanine level. He has an eclectic collection of mainly South African books - ranging from modern fiction to classics - but also carries overseas titles. And if the new books are too expensive for you, there's a second hand section as well. Or pop downstairs and see what the street traders are offering!

Most people would probably be satisfied with getting the bookstore up and running and selling books. But Griffin had bigger plans. The venue hosts workshops, launches, readings, and even a one day Bridge Book Festival. I went to last year's event, met some great authors and chatted in the bar afterwards - yes, they have that too. There are balconies and side rooms everywhere and no problem with arranging events in interesting spaces. It's a magnet for aspiring authors, as well as successful ones who feel at home. And it's impossible not to feel at home when you're surrounded by books and people who love them.

Griffin browsing

Here's hoping Bridge Books will go from strength to strength, and be a model for other developments in the new Johannesburg.

The Nelson Mandela bridge spanning the railway.


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  1. That sounds great. The Waterstones ( GB Bookshop chain) in Glasgow is a converted cinema. Now they run their own coffee shop and have just opened a small event theatre for launches etc. As somebody once said - the times they are a changin'.

    1. Indeed! And maybe they'll add a small cinema in due course? I should ask Griffin if he's interested in a little money lending on the side...

  2. What a gift to find such a bookplace! As you know, it's great when booksellers make the bridge into the community as a whole, and this felllow seems to get it.