Tuesday, August 11, 2015

more then and now Paris

These photos are from Nick Sullivan, the fashion director at Esquire, who's put his quite amazing work on #instagram. Definitely follow him if you're on #instagram!
 A vitrier, the glass window carrier and installer, seen in Montmartre.  My friend remembers hearing his cry 'vitrier' in the streets as a young girl.
The ninth arrondissement today and painted by Gustave Caillebotte who lived in a flat above and on the right side of le grand boulevard.
Colette and one of her petits chats in the Palais-Royal. She lived directly above this part of the colonade and loved feeding the strays. She's leaning against the window of le Grand Véfour, the resto she ate at every day. You can eat there today, too, even at the corner burgundy velvet banquette where a small brass plaque announces Colette's favorite seat. 



  1. How wonderful. I saw a print of that Caillebotte painting as a teenager. My immediate response was, "I want to go to Paris!" Lucky me, I have gotten to fulfill that wish many times over.

    Does anyone know why umbrellas always look so interesting in paintings? They never look all that great in person.

  2. I just love it when you post these photographs, Cara. There is something about them that truly does span the past and present.

    On AA's umbrella question, the same could be said about politicians, though they're not even useful on a rainy day.