Thursday, August 6, 2015

I've no idea what to make of this!

A few weeks ago as I was browsing the web, probably distracting myself from the task of finishing Kubu #5, I came across a website that showed a series of photographs of amazing stone structures, mainly circular, but also with roads.

What was amazing was not their beauty or grandeur, but their quantity.  These structures are situated about 200 kilometres east of Johannesburg in a province called Mapulalanga, and their are hundreds of them.  What is also surprising is that neither Michael not I had ever heard of them.

So let me show you a lot of photographs, which I have taken from a couple of sources, mainly Michael Tellinger's website (

As you can see, these structures are pretty amazing individually, and more so when you realise there are hundreds scattered over that part of South Africa.

Many of the walls are high - up to 2.5 metres (8 feet or so), leading to the speculation that they may have supported roofs at one stage.

This gives one a sense of the size and height.
Another intriguing aspect of all of this is a site known as Adam's Calendar, purportedly a Stonehenge-like place with stones aligned according to the sun's equinoxes and solstices, as well as to the three starts of Orion's belt.

One of the problems about the claim that this site is a calendar over 75,000 years old is that most of the stones are no longer standing.  A person whose credentials I did not verify, a Andrew Collins (, debunks the claim, but suggests that the site is nevertheless of great archaeological interest.

In addition to the above, there are very large stones with furrows dug into them and some that are claimed to be images of Horus.

Ancient Horus
Anyway, the point of this blog is to say I have no idea of what all of this is about.  I am very skeptical of Adam's Calendar being 75,000 years old or more and of the claim that the stones aligned with Orion's Belt.

But the structures are real.  And in huge numbers.

What were they?  Who built them?  And when?

Another African mystery, I guess.

Stan - Thursday


  1. Fascinating, Stan. Is there a team studying them? I hope.

  2. Aliens. The only explanation. :)

  3. This is when I'd love to go back in time and ask someone!

  4. I vote for aliens, too, as several look to be self-portraits of ET....and not meant in anyway as a segue, like the new photo, Stan.

  5. Amazing! How have we never heard of these before??? That last picture, in particular, bears an uncanny resemblance to Jeff as he's departing for another trip to Mykonos...

  6. Don't know about the "calendar", but (without a better sense of scale) those circular foundations, or walls, whatever they are, have the look and feel of dwellings, dwelling compounds, walled perhaps to keep livestock in and lions out. I've seen similar lay-outs, circular or rectilinear, in books on traditional architecture in various parts of Africa.--Mario R.

    1. Mario, I would also think they are cattle kraals, but the walls are too high for cattle and too low for lions. It is not so much the shape (even though some of them are complicated and have long walled passages, but the sheer number of them that puzzles me.