Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Paris then and Now

Whether it's tourists lining up today or soldiers parading in victory or defeat, Paris's most iconic landmarks are as recognizable today as they were when the city was war torn.
Here's a clever collection of composite images by French art director Julien Knez brings together scenes from 1940s Paris with peaceful pictures of the city we visit now.
 Now and in 1940 when German troops took over the city
 At Place de la Republique in 1944 at Liberation
 Near Place Saint Michel at Liberation
 Place de la Concorde
 Love never stops the French at the Tuilleries
 Near the Obelisk
 St. Michel
 On rue Mozart
 Place de la Concorde
Cara - Tuesday


  1. That is an amazing and dramatic contrast as well as brilliantly presented. Thanks.

  2. Cara, these are brilliant, as Jono said. I can't stop looking at them.

  3. Thanks, Jono and Annamaria. I think the concept's brilliant and brings the history home. I want to see more of what he's done!

  4. That is wonderful, yet really sad somehow. I am fascinated by the chap in that last picture. What is he thinking? Just having a quiet ciggie, a moments contemplation...resignation? Or just glad to have a wee seat. It makes history very human. Thanks, Cara.

  5. What a fascinating idea! I too love his work. Please let us know if you find out where we can see more of Knez's work. Thanks for the introduction.