Monday, August 17, 2015

The Time is Right for Dancing

Summertime!  Some of this dancing will be in the streets.  But not all.

I will start close to home--in Brooklyn.  This will get your dancin' genes riled up:

Here comes a fictional New York, and a performance that can only be described as magical:

Heading west, let's stop in Chicago for a summertime parade:

Now for small town Midwest, in a night spot of the past:

While we are in a nightclub, since this is a crime writing blog, let's have a noir ballet staring the dancer that Fred Astaire called the greatest ever:

Okay, now for LA.  Lots of dancing there.  Let's end with the Beguine, and the pinnacle, starring a rare combination of the two best dancers in Hollywood:

I could go on and on.  There is lot of great dancing to choose from on YouTube.  And just in case you thought I posted this subject to save time, you would be wrong.   The research for this took hours.  I had to sit here and watch scores of movie clips.  Truth to tell, I needed cheering up.  Putting this together made me happy.  I hope this post has done the same for you.

Annamaria - Monday


  1. Nothing like a hot dance on a cool summer morning. Thanks for that.

  2. Thank you, Kate. You already knew from Crime Writer's Chronicle what a dancing' bug I am.

  3. You always cheer me up, sis. So glad your doing it again made you happy too!

    1. MY pleasure, bro. Dancing is the cure for the blues!

  4. Fitting with the Hollywood nature of today's post, I have an announcement:

    MURDER IS EVERYWHERE has just past the TWO-MILLION page views mark! That means folks reading...or in this case humming along with...what we put up here everyday.

    Congratulations to all, and our sincerest thanks to all our many, much appreciated readers and followers, without whom there would be no music.

    1. Hooray for MIE (Millions Informed and Entertained?) We are indeed privileged to have such inspiring readers and followers to spur us on.

  5. I'm glad you wrote the comment re your research for this piece... too often people assume blogs are written from the top of the head, with little research - when the truth is just the opposite! T.J. Straw in Manhattan, home to many brains.