Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mystic Yeast!

It's just about two weeks till my next book launches, and I'm kinda crazed. This will be my third published book, so the process is sort of familiar but still new enough to be pretty, well, new! And the whole thing is kind of overwhelming.

So right now I have the brain space of a caffeinated flea. Meaning that....

It's time for more Chinese signs!

           Seen at the Qingdao Beer factory...I want a T-shirt!                              

Strange stones indeed! (click to embiggen)

Because you don't want to be pulled over by a cartoon policeman

"Eating the World-Wide Delicious!" (click to embiggen)

 I promise, I will sidewalk! 

And I won't occupy while stabling.

 But would you want to live there?

This sign means, "Be Careful When Tossing Food to the Gulls," I think. 
I am not sure what "mew" has to do with it.

Yes, this is what you think.



  1. I missed you in Bristol, Lisa. I love your Chinese signs, and it is lovely to know how much of the charm of the old China that I saw in '86 remains despite all the modernization. I hope they never hire a good editor.

  2. BTW, my next launches the same week. Let's do some cross promotion!

  3. I think we all ate in one of those places in Bristol...and we most certainly could have used you as an interpreter! Best of luck on the launch, Lisa.