Saturday, June 1, 2013

CrimeFest Sleep Deprivation Report #2

I am so tired.  What a long day.  I’m struggling to stay awake as I type this.  It’s tougher than being up until the wee hours of the morning on Mykonos.  We are in Bristol U.K.—that being the royal “we” as in the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, venue for CrimeFest 2013. Stanley, Annamaria, I, Caro, Yrsa, and Michael are all here.  But you probably already knew that if you read Stan’s post on Thursday.

Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel
Yesterday (Friday) was particularly tiring with eight panel appearances among us, and Yrsa kicks off today’s (Saturday’s) program with a panel at 10AM.  

Just a wee bit of available breakfast buffet.
A lot of interesting folks here and the conversation has been non-stop, substantive, and sobering. Although using the word “sober” in the context of any reference to a writer’s conference is highly suspect. (I’m sure Yrsa will have more on that subject on Monday.)

We should have declared this a “hiatus” week and posted gems from our past blogs as we do when so many of us attend the Bouchercon convention. But none of us thought that far ahead, except for Caro who gets a gold star on her permanent record card for diligence.  But as I’m about to fall face down on the keyboard (stone cold sober, but exhausted), I’ll sign off now with a few photos of the good times we’re having.


A fan with Bill Gottfried
A fan's fan with Toby Gottfried

It takes a village...uhh, meritage



  1. One of my daughters is 5'10". She had a boyfriend who was 6'4". She loved having her picture taken with him because he made her look short.


  2. Enjoy-like you need any encouragement to do that :)

  3. I want to hear about this "sober" part!

  4. As you well know, Lisa, sober is always a relative term at mystery writer conventions. And that is the long and the short of it, Beth and Annamaria. And from the tardiness of this reply, I believe that supports your hypothesis, Lil. Cheerio, ya'll.